Vacation 2013 and A Gorilla in the bag.

This year I took my wife and daughter on a cruise to the Bahamas, which is the second time we took this type of vacation.  On my last cruise I took some great sunrise and night pictures, but the one issue that plague throughout the trip was not having a tripod.  So I had to figure out what to bring that wasn’t clunky and heavy and not expensive.  Most on the carbine fiber tripods are just ridiculous on prices.  After much consideration, I decided to go with the Joby Gorillapod Focus with ball head.   This thing is not cheap but, I see myself using it well after vacation.  A couple days before leaving, I decided to see what this thing can do.  I tried to wrap the legs around a lamp pole, which was not thick at all. As I began to bend the legs around the pole, a leg just popped off in my hands.  I stood staring in disbelief, and then realization started to creep into my head.  “Holy Crap”!!  I only have a couple days; B&H is closed for the week!!  Being a bit old fashion in the sense that forgetting that I could instantly reach out via social media for help.  I started twittering, face booking and emailing like I’m crazy.   Explaining what my dilemma was to my wife, she started to laugh.  She simply said “Good luck with that” Well, within hours, somebody responded.  With reluctance, I sent in a picture of the damaged product and receipt.   My mind was blown, when I got home from work to see the box against my door.  I put it through a couple test, which passed with flying colors.  I email support back asking how do they want me to ship the broken one back, she said don’t bother that’s why I asked for a picture.  I then thanked her ensuring that I will tell this tail to all who would hear it.

Slow Proccess

WoW, I'm having difficulty trying to find the time to write for this blog.  I've never been much of a writer but, I'm hoping that I find the motovation in this Photography Blog.  The one thing that gets stuck in my head is that everything has been done before, so unless I can come up with a original idea I don't write.  Another issue, I don't handle criticism  very well.  This is something I will continue to work on.